Friday, October 25, 2013

I want to make big money

Big money? Become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Whatever it may be gotta get there... My cousin keeps putting the bug in my ear; go to medical school and take over your dad's practice: "Hey cuz, fuck the BS. Dude you should go to medical school. At least you will be in school in the PI, with hella addy and a dimers're gonna be clownin' on everyone like 5 years from now..." As I lay naked with this naked bitch in her fixer upper that fell asleep after eating her out and fucking her (I didn't come by the way; must have been the 37.5 mg I consumed today, 3 Johnny and Cokes, 1 Corona, and 18 holes of walking golf) I'm thinking to myself: how am I going to get paid? I've been doing insurance for 10 years and never hit six figures. And with Obamacare underway...I need an exit strategy... My older sister is a doctor and so is my old man. It's in my blood. How bad do I want it? Otherwise living paycheck to paycheck fucking girls I really don't have a future with is the fucked up path I choose. So help me God.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


"Take this, all of you, and eat of it: for this is my body which will be given up for you." I have a lot of work to do before I go to bed later...and that prompted me to consume a 7.5 mg. When I was breaking the tab into a half and then a fourth, I found myself stating Jesus's phrase in my head. Right then I knew I crossed the line when I was consuming way more generic Adderall amphetamine salts than the Body of Christ. But I've got work to do. And I need to focus...however I DO need to go to Mass more and celebrate the Eucharist, just so I've got a perfect balance of mind, body, and soul.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


I think I took a 20 minute powernap. I have CNBC on and they're talking about different stocks. Maybe I should IPO my blog. I just remembered they released a new $100 bill last Tuesday. The new bill is to have "more anti-counterfeit properties." How the hell can the "shut down" government that is in debt in the trillions be allowed to print more money? Because this is America and we can fuck you up with our weapons of mass destruction! And what the hell is my roommate watching in his bedroom 30 feet away? He keeps giggling like a cheerleader...

2:47am & Not Sleepy

Earlier today: 9am: 15mg (had to drive to Downtown LA) 12:30pm: 15mg (sitting in a conference room for Medicare training and was about to take exam and it was raining and gloomy) 6pm: 15mg (on the way to bowling league) 7:30pm: 15mg (I bowled an 87 my first two games) 2:52am: WIDE AWAKE and supposed to play golf at 7am with my uncle who talks mad shit, cheats, and has no golf etiquette. FUCK! After golf need to shop for a computer with my mom. FUCK! In addition I need to make calls too. FUCK! Usually jerking off makes me fall asleep after consuming 15mg-30mg. But in this case it won't. DUH! So instead of forcing myself to watch filth I choose to write. My roommate is still up. He's ran up to the kitchen twice to eat food. How the fuck does he stay up this late? Obviously he's not on crack because he has an appetite. But the motherfucker sleeps in late. I don't think he got up until I got home at 3pm today...can't knock on the dude. He has an MBA, has money, only socially drinks, doesn't do drugs, and doesn't bring the homies to the house. He did piss me off last Thursday because he fucked a bitch on the couch! A) that's the couch, shared furniture B) the bitch was loud C) the couch is located directly above my bedroom D) I was in bed with a high fever and chills I guess that was his way of getting my attention. I've been dodging him and we're supposed to be business partners. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he didn't know I was home because I've been gone a lot. All in all he's what I wish I was. Tall, dark, good looking, and doesn't give a fuck when it comes to bitches. Yeah we were raised differently, come from different cultures, and have different beliefs but can't knock on the guy that pays me $1250/month to stay here. There's no way I can afford the monthly mortgage on my own. But coming back from Maui...I need to live by the beach! I'm in a bowling league out on the westside just so I have an excuse to go to the beach. Thinking of renting out this entire pad so I can do so. I didn't tell you but I got my CPR certification! Hoping to be a lifeguard! Meaning I need to get healthy and be able to swim long and far! FUCK! Okay folks need at least 2 hours of I'll try and close my eyes and think about big boobies and wet cunt and hopefully fall asleep... "The time is now cracked out motherfucker..."

3 Quarters Done, One Quarter Remains

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September and now it's already fucking OCTOBER. Time flies when you bullshit and watch other people make money off of the stock market, those with cash buy foreclosed homes, watch your loved ones go through their personal lives' transformations. Fuck you economy, the richer are getting richer and the poorer are getting poorer. Yes I can go finish school, go to medical school and become a doctor. It's a career in the United States that is always high in demand, especially because we Americans eat shit, drink shit, and think like shit. THANK YOU MAINSTREAM MEDIA! May your advertisers who are continuously making us fat, broke, and sick continue to pay you well so you rich fucks can continue to buy your Whole Foods groceries, go on lavish vacations, and continue to control "we the People of the United States of America!" Okay enough about other people and politics. What about ME? Well, thank you for asking! I am 2 months behind on my mortgage payments. Yes I still gamble, spend money on massages and rub and tugs, and other bullshit but dammit in lieu of health insurance I'd rather spend my money on bullshit. It makes me feel good kinda sorta. Started dating a blast from the past this year. We met in Vegas (I had a table at Body English circa 2005) and she was able to get past security with her 2 other hot girlfriends. I finally got out of the "friend zone" and started having sex with her starting back in June. The first time (after a long drought) I wore a condom but did not come. The second time I didn't wear a condom but didn't bust either. It is safe to say that amphetamine salts CAUSES IMPOTENCE AND DECREASES LIBIDO. Or maybe my other head was saying "DO NOT GET THIS BITCH PREGNANT!" So when we do get intimate I make sure to give her a full body massage and eat her pussy. Kinda blown out (she's 36 now) but it tastes good and it's better than my right and left hand. But one night at dinner she caught me slipping: Her: "I can't sleep with you tonight..." Me: "Why not???" Her: "Babe I've got a busy day tomorrow. And if you come over we won't go to sleep right away and you'll keep me up all night." Me: "No I won't. It'll only take me two minutes." Her: "Just because we hang out doesn't mean we have to have sex." In my head: "Fuck you then. Because if I would have known I wouldn't have picked your prude ass up and pay for this $80 dinner!" I haven't seen her in almost 3 months... I think about her (and fucking) everyday but I feel like I only got to see her when it was convenient for her and I had to be penciled in her schedule. And I promised her that I wasn't like other guys; we can be fuck friends and be adults about it and not get all emotionally attached. Well I lied because she was the only piece of ass I was banging. Which means 9 months have passed and I've been bullshitting on my New Years' Resolutions...