Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goodbye Q3 2010. Hello Q4 2010!

Wow. This year is flying by. I'm still paycheck to paycheck but I'm surviving month to month. And I'm still able to go to Vegas frequently, I'm playing more golf and tennis, and working out. I've slimmed down to 135 lbs. Everyone says I gotta eat more and gain weight. I tell these people that they gotta eat less and lose weight. Actually I do need to get on some protein supplements I want to be a bulky 145 with a six pack. Guns.

I'm in NYC bullshitting with homegirl. I just met her family and had dinner at her house. Her parents and brother are really nice people. I feel guilty for wanting to buck and chuck. Her daughter is now 6 months old and I think she likes me. InstaFam!

She's really pretty though. And I really respect and like her. Now I'm having doubts. Why the fuck am I here, laying in a futon at a vacation rental (a guest bedroom of some dude's apartment and the fucker better give me my $250 deposit back when I leave!

I hate being alone but commitment to a woman with a child is too much. So we'll see if we can be friends with benefits. I know what I want, and I'm hoping she wants the same.

I guess we'll see. I was going to kiss her goodnight but the fucking apartment owner was holding the front door open watching. Dammit!