Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HNY muthafuckas!!!

It's 2011...Already??? SHIT!!!

Where did I leave off...oh yeah, NYC last September 2010. I hung out with her and her daughter, I hung out with other friends, we made out, but we didn't have sex. Didn't really have the opportunity to. Oh well.

October nothing major...November was in Hawaii with family...December went to Ecuador with my mom and my sister. Christmas was in Las Vegas. New Years was in Thousand Oaks.

I killed the Medicare sales for 2011. Waiting for my goddamn $8500 commission check. I was thinking of buying a used 330ci but can't find one under $10K. So I'll probably just buy a $1K MacBook so I can start editing film: comedy, drama, and maybe even porn!

Last month met a fashion chick with a fine roommate. And last week I met a pornstar and her sister. I need to holla at them. But a few days ago I came across this:


I love this girl so much. I don't need to know her, and I don't care about her past. But I want to spend the rest of my life with her. Look at this letter I forwarded to my future groomsmen:

Dear Kendall http://www.eros-la.com/files/195595.htm,

I love you so much. I know I can't stop saying that, but it's so true...

I can't wait to wake up next to you every single day, and fall asleep next to you every single night.

We're gonna have so many kids together it's not even funny...


P.S. XOXOXOXOXOXO 143 24/7 all day e'ry day!!! I miss you Baby...

Going to Columbia next month. Gonna wild the fuck out! Coke and whores. I'm scared!

In March gonna go snowboarding again in Park City. But I don't have any Adderral left! And I don't want to re-up!

So I'm on this diet pills that have Acai and a bunch of caffeine. Not the same effect but I don't like the side effects of Adderral:

-loss in appetite
-weight loss
-mood swings

So I'm doing it all-natural in addition to the diet pills:

-Ginko Binobla
-St. John's Wart
-fish oil

We'll see what happens. I'm probably gonna get some after March...probably.