Friday, March 21, 2014

I need to be free, I need to be me

Ok folks here we go...sitting on the toilet with McDonald's iced coffee in left hand, iPhone in right hand, elbows on quads and shitting out all the junk I ate yesterday...

I need to be like the feces coming out my butt...unleashed, free moving, and on to the next.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's March Madness motherfuckers

Excuse my French. Just really excited about college basketball tournament, Spring weather, having the sunset at 7pm now not at 5:30, making more money... Only because I'm down $6K from gambling online; yes I'm a bullshitter been bullshittin' on online sportsbetting, slots, card games, live card games with real and live female dealers, etc. I need help. I have addictions. I'm addicted to gambling, drugs (i.e. amphetamine, cannabis, nicotine), alcohol (beer, whiskey, vodka), sex (jerking off more than having sex with a real woman), etc. I should keep gambling to a hobby it seems like it's becoming my full-time job. I need to stop being a slave to addiction... Unless I'm making millions and partying with supermodels...!!! I need to narrow down my addictions to: making money and hanging out with supermodels (in no particular order). OK gotta go sales and service needs to be supplemented by an additional source of income.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

while my roommate is having a threesome, i'm hollerin' at y'all

Saturday March 15: -I woke up from the couch (tired from pigging out, playing tennis, smoking and drinking Guinness) -Smoked up on the rooftop -Popped 15mg -Showered, got gas, went to confession and Mass (take home message: NOW is the time for CHANGE) -Came home, lit up a bowl -Lost $1000 on Condit UFC homey who was favored and who I was foolish about; opponent who was an underdog wins by TKO strike to the back of dude's knee -Processed applications (today was deadline for April 1st coverage) -Popped 15mg, woke up roommate, and got ready to go out and chase -AV looked amazing but agreed the grease/cover would be too high; popped a 15mg and got into Sayer's Club for free -Holla'ed at random breezies -Popped the remaining 15mg -Danced with random breezies -Lost roommate; he said he was on his way to threesome at Roosevelt Hotel -I thought I had a chance going to Couture (drank a $10 Red Bull) and Deja Vu (got a $23 lap dance by Ivy) -Decided not to wait for 4:49am subway nor take a taxi back home; figured I'd spend more $ at strip club so I jogged/walked back home -Drank water, smoked a bowl, now thinking about pussy but decided to write -Great, was planning to go back to Deja Vu but they close in 12 minutes

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy bday Dad and Pam!

So two days ago (March 11) it was Dad's and Pam's bday...I love them so much. I know I'm at couture right now and this could be drunken club talk (okay so we had shots of Jameson and 2 Amstel Lights at Pam's...and 2 large Stellas at Staples Center for Clippers revenge game on the Dubs, a beer at old espn zone, a beer and a Jack and Coke at the club) but I really mean that I love my family. It is one of a kind so I have to rebound myself not to take it for granted and enjoy each day with them like it's my last