Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"Be flexible." That phrase is one I'll never forget Bro, Uncle M! (R.I.P.) Not only did I lose one of my favorite uncles but I also lost my house to an investor in a foreclosure. They did pay $11K for us to move out so 36 months of free living (I was on time with other bills) wasn't all that bad. It's time to make money and do big thangs. As I type this blog today I've consumed around 30mg of salts and took 3 hits of the vape hybrid flower. I did I tell you about my uncle's business? I was in the Philippines for 4 weeks. Brothels, work, meeting hospital staff, etc. 4 weeks straight. But I didn't want to deal with his wife so I let it go. Kinda clash in perspectives so I guess I bailed because I didn't think she was going to pay me enough. Sucks for my uncle but I think he understands (hopefully). At least I learned if I'm not making money I need to start saving money better. Sucks. I like spending tho!

Back on the addy

It completes me. Waking up in the morning is tough. I quote my cousin when he says "these are tools that should be used, especially if they're available." I've been doing 30mg a day. The same cousin I quoted above taught me the "quarter game." 7.5mg bumps not too strong but just enough. I'm a crackhead so I prefer doing a halfer in the a.m. Plus my excuse is that I was doing a 4 week stint in Manila for my uncle's business. RIP UNCLE M 12/26/16 Rewind to September. My uncle is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. No big deal, he'll get the chemo and be healed. Meanwhile my involvement in his company was becoming a top priority. Insurance is boring and I'm not making money doing it. His business is doing well, yes there are challenges but it's a successful business model.

Friday, May 13, 2016

"Smoke weed every day..."

I need to move out by the beach. Concrete jungle getting old... I can't believe Duterte won...very interesting now that he's in what he will do. My prediction will be (and I hope I'm wrong): -militarization of the country -increase in gun ownership -partnership with China -increase in homicides

Sunday, May 8, 2016

90 days

I remember that phase...3 months of the good stuff. Or was it 180? Nah three months is the max on controlled ish. Still can't pull the trigger to get more addys. As a result I'm fat, lazy, not focused on doing what I need to be doing right now that I'm prime time because tick tock on the clock won't stop... So B in the house for 90 days on the 11th. Haven't stole anymore because ain't mine and not only that not strong enough. Weak sauce. But ain't mine is the most important thing. I need to get my own. I'll get some this week. Meanwhile I've been slacking with work, got a eBay biz selling cell phone parts that pays for my food and weed but that's pretty much it. The bank wants like $90K for the pad. Shieeeeet that's a lot. I need to hit $555,555 on the Power of 5's Scratchers game...I'm hooked because I'm 2-2...I won $20 on the first ticket and hit a 5X $1 = $5 (cost of ticket) on the second ticket...should I cash it or get another one??? Applied to a few jobs in cannabis and internet companies...then I thought to myself...I AM AN INTERNET COMPANY. "Click here/leave positive feedback" otherwise fuck you don't trip your friends and family will remind you to...Have a Nice Day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


B in the house since February 17th but who's counting? Driving me cray. But he got caps yo! So he gave me 2 and I jacked two by opening, dispensing, closing, and placing cap back in bottle! I'm gonna get caught! There are good times and bad ones too only because I wish I had my own bedroom back dammit. Putting pressure on him to move out though which is good right??? I need to get rich. I'm broke. I need a cash bump...

Monday, November 2, 2015

Greetings from Bali airport!

Heading back to LA. Was out here for my homeboy's wedding honeymoon. Weird right? You invited us to your honeymoon? That's cool...but when I get married and go on my honeymoon...y'all ain't invited. As a matter of fact no one will be around. It'll just be my bride and I only far far far away where all we do is have butt naked sex and run around butt naked!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Hunt For Red October

I've been off the salts for 8-9 months straight. I miss them. So I've been taking diet pills and smoking a lot of weed. Slacking with work. Don't wanna do shit. I've got bowling tonight...I'm gonna win the "Spicy Pot" AND "Strike It Rich" games since I didn't make dick today. Peace...!