Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello World! Happy New Year!

How have you been? Hope all is well! I am addicted to amphetamine salts...tough not to be...without it I just want to sleep and be lazy...with it I can focus on tasks and get them it is what it is...!

What I should be caught up with my mortgage payments once I get my Medicare commission check. And I want to make more money by selling more insurance, my friend's water Alka H2O (natural 9.5 pH from an artesian well in Puerto Rico), roommate talking about an organic energy drink, getting involved in vaping products (a billion dollar industry) and whatever comes my way.

2014 is Year of the horse. This is my year...but horoscope projection says my financials are going to be tough...real talk: when I grind and shine I will prove this wrong. Today I went to Hollywood Park Casino and played $25 blackjack in a room called Golden Horse...I won $125 in 45 min...

So that's it...I want to thank my mom and dad for my hook up (salts) and the Prius...will need a fuel efficient ride for all the driving and grinding I'll be doing...FYI I popped 60mg today...meaning it's 4:52am and I can't fall asleep...!