Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red October

Holy crap...it's Q4 2008.

I still remember my freakin New Year's Resolutions:

  1. Work out
  2. Write business (match/surpass ex-employer salary)

I'm in okay shape.

I did grow my book of business five fold. But the 500 members at end of Q4 looking dim. So I slacked. I'm going to downgrade to 300 members. I'll be lucky if I get 250. Did I match or surpass ex-employer salary? I'm going to push so I can match. I'm about 70% there.

September came and went. My girlfriend was here for the first two weeks, which involved going up to San Francisco via Amtrak, staying at a 3 star hotel in Union Square, shopping, eating at overrated 5 star Greek restaurant for her bday, riding Amtrak back down to Bakersfield and her luggage getting stolen, hung out in L.A. for a couple of days, took a 4 day cruise from Long Beach on the 8th, came back and drove down to San Diego; stayed there for a couple of nights. Came home on Sunday night. She left Monday the 15th.

I got sick of her. It reminded me why this is a successful relationship. It being a long distance one is actually a blessing in disguise.

Got a call from human resources. What the hell, accusing me of stealing? I didn't steal shit. You fucking haters. Haters be hatin'.

Saw Ozomatli at the Hollywood Bowl on the 21st. Great show. I got fucked up! I met some young teenie boppers at our seats. They wanted me. But I didn't want any child molestation charges. Some friends of friends were looking hot as well. I'm going to holla at them.

My sister and niece came down last Thursday night. Wow motherhood. Wow kids. Cute kid but a handful if things aren't her way. Let's just say my sister is a very very patient person.

The girlfriend flew into SFO last Saturday night. I didn't want to go up there and see her. I did want to smash though.

So I drove up there Sunday, arrived 10pm, "spent time with her" and had lunch in Palo Alto, checked out Half Moon Bay. Then I wanted to go home and told her I needed to drop her off early. Didn't want to get stuck in NorCal traffic. I dropped her off at her hotel at 4:30. I made a few stops, to get gas twice and to piss twice. Got to my a bar for my friends bday gathering around 11pm. Had 3 Jack and Cokes and 1 Stoli shot. Between the lack of sleep and the fatigue I got pretty faded.

Today I visited a hot lead. The account is a Mexican meat market and restaurant. The patrons were cool older guys. They hooked me up with a pound of Chicharones and a pineapple juice drink. I'm going back on Thursday to drop off some pens and get a signed Broker of Record letter. I can use the extra $200/month.

I'm back on the MySpace and Facebook hype. Some bitches want to meet me. Shit, free social networking websites are the shit. You don't have to leave the comfort of your home to meet and interact. You don't have to do the bar thing any longer. And with the economy continuing it's downward spiral, people aren't going to be able to afford wining and dining and contraceptives.

So more and more people are going to start having more and more cybersex.

And more offspring.

Fuck a bailout plan. Just send the people stimulus checks bitches! I can use some cash right now...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rotten cupcake...

cupcake (cup-kayk): verb. To shut out the world and focus all of your attention to one girl.