Monday, November 2, 2015

Greetings from Bali airport!

Heading back to LA. Was out here for my homeboy's wedding honeymoon. Weird right? You invited us to your honeymoon? That's cool...but when I get married and go on my honeymoon...y'all ain't invited. As a matter of fact no one will be around. It'll just be my bride and I only far far far away where all we do is have butt naked sex and run around butt naked!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Hunt For Red October

I've been off the salts for 8-9 months straight. I miss them. So I've been taking diet pills and smoking a lot of weed. Slacking with work. Don't wanna do shit. I've got bowling tonight...I'm gonna win the "Spicy Pot" AND "Strike It Rich" games since I didn't make dick today. Peace...!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Haven't popped since January

I miss it. I gained weight. I'm smoking more to substitute it. But I'm wasting a lot of time. Should I get back on it? Needed to lose weight anyways. I could just start eating better and exercising more. I do have time to that right now. I'm "in between jobs" selling insurance, edibles, phone parts. Not enough income. Mortgage too high. Haven't paid in almost a year!?!? Time flies and it'll continue to fly. Yesterday I was backstage on The Price is Right and met: If only I had popped I coulda shoulda got more social and hang out with her at the restaurant afterwards but got stuck hanging out with stage manager who got me in. Oh well. Motivation to motivate and get these hooooooooooze wake up errybody no more sleeping in bed...!!!