Thursday, April 8, 2010


Acronym for "What you doing?"

Shit! Where has the time gone???

What HAVE I been up to?!?!?!?!?

January came and went. Febuary went to the Philippines for 14 days. Loved it. It was great seeing my family and friends. And making new ones :)

I went to this highly recommended massage/all-in spot in Makati. Fell in love with number 56. Goddammn too bad she's a whore. Otherwise I would have introduced her to my parents and would have asked her to marry a ninja!

Beginning of March went to snowboard in Park City. Had a blast! I got better at snowboarding. Must be the amphetamine salts. No but really, the snow, the small town feel, the big fucking mansion we stayed at for free...what an escape from the hustle and bustle...

I loved it in both places.

But I love LA more.

The weather. The girls. The opportunities. The lifestyle. Can't hate on it one bit.

How am I doing? I'm doing alright. I'm broke as a joke and need another loan modification for my home mortgage, goddamn greedy blood sucking banks!!!

I have 1/4 tab left and 2 20mg capsules my cousin traded me for.

Yay. I just donkeyed my ass off on online poker dammit.

While I was playing the Dr. on KCET saying:

Blood sugar, Protein, 6 hours of sleep, specific goals on paper, read and ask everyday is my daily activity getting me there, practice willpower.