Friday, October 25, 2013

I want to make big money

Big money? Become a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Or CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Whatever it may be gotta get there... My cousin keeps putting the bug in my ear; go to medical school and take over your dad's practice: "Hey cuz, fuck the BS. Dude you should go to medical school. At least you will be in school in the PI, with hella addy and a dimers're gonna be clownin' on everyone like 5 years from now..." As I lay naked with this naked bitch in her fixer upper that fell asleep after eating her out and fucking her (I didn't come by the way; must have been the 37.5 mg I consumed today, 3 Johnny and Cokes, 1 Corona, and 18 holes of walking golf) I'm thinking to myself: how am I going to get paid? I've been doing insurance for 10 years and never hit six figures. And with Obamacare underway...I need an exit strategy... My older sister is a doctor and so is my old man. It's in my blood. How bad do I want it? Otherwise living paycheck to paycheck fucking girls I really don't have a future with is the fucked up path I choose. So help me God.

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