Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Gloom 2010

Happy birthday to me. I'm not 32 years old. I'm 32 fucking years old. I should be fucking 32 year olds. But I'm not. And I'm broke as a joke. Where's my check goddammit!

Wow. The first two quarters of 2010 came and went. Too fast. Too furious. I thought I could supplement my income with some sports betting, playing blackjack, and the lottery. Bad ideas. They fucked me. With all my losses and overdraft fees I'm out $7000. Fuck! On my birthday I was on a game show for my chance to win $25,000...I didn't win shit.

So I'm sick of gambling and relying on games of chance and luck. I need some way to make cash. I thought of selling eggrolls on Hollywood Blvd on a push cart. I found out I need a trailor with a sink and refrigeration system. That shit's gonna cost $5000. Plus all the fees, permits, etc I'm looking at another $1000 or so. I sure could have used that $7000 I donkeyed away...FUCK!!!

My girlfriend who lives in New York visited last month. Well fake girlfriend. I have only hung out with her when I first met her. But we've been texting almost everyday for a year straight. She has a two month baby that I never knew about. Yay. Fuck my life!

Everyone is fucking and getting paid but me. So it's time to change up my game plan, get my shit right, and come back from being down. If the Lakers can be down 3-2 and tie shit up to can I!!!