Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy holidays muthafuckas!

Halloween: bartended at my boy's cafe. Dressed up as tiger woods. Made $80.

Thanksgiving: pre-thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday at my pad; got 6 bitches to come over and cooked for them. Cynthia brought Tina, Marissa, Michelle, Sherrie, and Len came over. I've had sex with Marissa already way back in the day; the others I'm working on...Tina is on the radar (see below). Thursday had it at my parent's house; a bunch of my dads side of the family came thru.

Christmas is in two days and now I'm in Europe. Can't sleep. Fucking jet lagging or whatever.

Tina is a cute little Asian piece who I holla'ed at through Cynthia. She's Korean. And she's down: last Wednesday took her out to dinner and at the end of the date did a horrible good night kiss. Dammit!!! All good because I made up for it Friday night after I attended a client holiday party...we got some drinks, she brought some herb, and took it to my house. We drank some more, smoked, kissed, grinded, kissed, grinded...but no sex. She said she was on her period! Fucking lying bitch! Why so late!!! It's the 18th of the month. Have to believe the bitch. She's a runner. But I'm tracking that shit now! Now I can't wait and go home so we can bone already. She's sexy: 5'3" 99lbs...a shorty rocks that I've been needing in my life. Crazy Korean bitch, but I ain't trying to merry a bitch...if only I can continue to remind myself that...thing is she's a Leo and I'm a Gemini and it's written that we freaks in the sheets...I might fall in live with the bitch...

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