Monday, October 26, 2009

Pacific Northwest trip

Portland. Vancouver. Seattle.

Green. Cold. Damn good seafood.

Not alot of hot chicks. But the ones that damn!

Portland: no standouts really. Didn't really go out...but I bet at the bars and breweries the hos come out and play.

Vancouver: OMG there was this FINE waitress at this Malaysian resto called Banana Leaf...holy shit she was a dimer. Half Chinese Half White I think Half Asian for sure. Goddammn the food was nasty but she made me give 5 stars for my Yelp review. I wanted to take her home that night. WOW! But how, she got off work late :(

Seattle: There are some hot chicks in Seattle. I'd go back for a weekend...oh yeah...

ANYWAYS I'm tired. It was 7 days of bullshitting with my parents and sister and a hell of a whole lot of driving.

I want to fucking rock out this week and weekend. I don't give a fuck!!! I just wanna fuck!!! Who got the eight ball??? Holla!!!

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