Sunday, August 24, 2008

Getting bored...

It's been almost 8 months; we've done it about 200+ times in the Discovery, the Sienna, my sister's house living room floor, in my closet, on a sofabed with my parents in the same room, in a tent, on a futon, an office chair, a bathtub, shower stalls, bathroom sink counters, and of course: my bed.

I'm an animal, and she's down...

We've had 4 good fights; all teasing the possibility of breaking up. The most recent was resolved because I booked a cruise for the both of us; if I cancel the reservation, Carnival keeps my $500.
She was here August 14-16 then again on August 20 until today. We had that fight on the the 11th then I called her the same day and apologized because I knew she was coming on the 14th and I wanted to buck.

Recap of recent Cupcake Marathon:

Had great sex on Wednesday night.

Thursday morning I cooked bacon, pork chops and eggs while she made fried rice. We had breakfast then went back to sleep. We watched Vicky Cristina Barcelona after eating soup and pizza at night. We probably fucked like 5 times on this day.

Friday we walked around the mall and visited stores in Glendale to look for a dress for Saturday night. Couldn't find shit; the dresses that I liked she didn't like. Thank God Bebe had nothing; it was her favorite store and if she had found something there I would have been out $150+! We drove up to Lake Isabella to go camping with a client and his group of friends. We got there around 9pm, I pitched the tent, and then made BBQ chicken. She wanted to fuck in woods. I didn't because it was wide open and the one dude and his kids were shining Maglights in the air and knew we walked away from the campsite. I wasn't about to provide a porno scene for them. So I held off until we got to the tent.

The next day (Saturday) they made chorizo, pork adobo, and eggs. Not a bad breakfast. We played volleyball until about 12pm, when we had decided it was time to go.
Arrived home, took a nap, got ready for the wedding reception; part two of the newlyweds' ceremony in Spain last month.

Today (Sunday) we slept all day. I made her maccaroni and cheese and a pastrami sandwich. Today alone we had sex 5 times.

So she tells me that she loves me.

"Baby, I'm almost in love with you..." is all that I can tell her.

It's my out.

So yeah my dick is sore and I won't get to bust another nut for about 10 days.

In the meantime I'm going to get my grind and hustle on because I got bills to pay.

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