Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eight eight Oh eight...

It's infinity vertically.

It's what the Chinese deem as a lucky number.

It's once in a lifetime.

I'm going to be on the road up to Fresno. But before that, I'm gonna try my luck at some cards. The only thing is, I have a Salsa lesson in Thousand Oaks tonight. Then I may just stay there and bullshit with my parents. There are no casinos nearby. The closest one is Chumash, which is an hour and forty five minutes deep, past Santa Barbara. I'm good.

My girlfriend and I have been fighting alot. Well, I pick the fights. Like the other day, I was pissed off at her saying that she's "so fat and needs to lose weight." I put her on blast and told her to stop eating junk food and start working out. Then she's like "Why don't you find a new girlfriend who goes to the gym alot and is in shape?" Then I recalled all the hotties at my gym, and asked myself why I have only gone once in the whole month of July!

Yesterday she pissed me off again because she didn't want to talk online because her friend was in the bedroom sleeping. But then she had the nerve to look at a text a friend sent, then call her up. Stupid bitch! That got me irked, because I wanted to hear her voice.

So I called that nurse I met on Friday. She sounded like she was happy to hear from me. And then she was like "Can I call you back later?" Shit bitch, you mean you want me to chase? Fuck you, I just want to fuck!

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