Friday, August 1, 2008

30 day supply is bye bye...

I did it: my first month trial of Adderall.

Am I different? Well I've lost weight (maybe 7 lbs.) I am excited about tasks and have more energy. I'm chipper. But have I tried to read a novel from start to finish or complete 100 cold calls? Nope.

(I'm going to see what kind of withdrawals are going to occur.)

July 2008 was a month to remember:

July 2: Amsterdam (4 hour layover)

July 3 to 6: Barcelona (friends' wedding)

July 6 to 8: Pamplona (supposed to run with the bulls but police kicked me out)

July 9 to 10: San Sebastian (awesome beach town 1 hour from Pamplona)

July 11: Biarritz (French beach town)

July 12: Lourdes (French village where Virgin Mary appeared)

July 13: Barcelona

July 14: Returned back to L.A. (I was supposed to come back July 16 but the Euro broke me.)

July 18 (morning): Played the best golf ever in my life at Scholl Canyon.

July 18 (evening) to 20: Spent time with my sister and 2 year old niece.

July 21: Played horrible golf at Rustic Canyon. So as redemption I waited in line at Santa Monica Apple Store for 45 minutes and purchased the new iPhone 3G.

July 23 to 27: My girlfriend flew in. I took her to Magic Mountain, Malibu Beach, Costco, did ecstacy, Target, Off Broadway Saks Shoestore, Irvine (friend's housewarming with a taco chef). Oh yeah, we went to Bucktown like 20+ times. I pulled out every single time. But like always I'm scared. She should menstruate 2nd-3rd week of August...I'm really start to like this chick but I still have my guard up. The sex is amazing still to this day...I hope she's not pregnant...

July 27 (evening): Dinner with friends and then poker. Won $40!

July 28: On the phone dealing with client's issues all day. Mostly service, not so much sales. Not if you count the numerous outgoing marketing faxes I sent out. At night played poker again and lost $40.

July 29: Made outbound sales calls and faxes. Set one appointment. Watched the Dodgers whip on the Giants'. Got ramen. Called and told my girlfriend I missed her.

July 30: First appointment with leasing company (waste of time). Fucker wanted me to work magic (i.e. lower his rates but keep the same benefits.) Dropped by a client's retail store to see if he was there. Nope. Pissed off and frustrated on the drive back home, magic occurred: my phone rings and I was contacted by a bottle printing company. She told me she got my fax and wanted to meet with me. About 20 members! The faxes are working!!! Meeting went well she told me to create a spreadsheet for her and email it by morning. I exceeded her expectations and emailed it before end of business day. I'm going to close!!! Played cards again at night. Lost $20. I was up $20, but got donkeyed out by my homey. Got super coked out and drunk on beers. Smoked a lot of cigarettes.

July 31: 5am chatted with my girlfriend for a couple of hours. Napped for an hour. Tried to phone my potential client. Phones are down and no voicemail available. I email her. She emails me. I email her the Broker of Record letter for her to fill out and send back. She thinks I'm going to charge her fees. I reassure her no by sending her an attachment, an email forward and an 800 # to call so she can verify. Didn't hear back from her all day. Was caught up trying to install a group's dental plan, and answered another incoming call for a family quote, (the faxes are working). Tried to call her @ 4pm. Voicemail full. Bitch, you need me! Let me help you out so you can help me out with the $14.34 per member per month! Called my homey who needed car insurance. He was busy. Chatted with my girlfriend for 2.5 hours. Shared pictures with her. Bullshitted. Wanted to go out and meet women but am burned out. My body is burned out, but my mind is very active. Shit I may have taken the Adderrall too late today...and drank 4 cups of coffee too many! It's 1:16am and I'm wired still. Maybe I should have rolled out to lounge. Oh well, my financials are fucked up right now and I don't really want to spend money. I got my free credit report. Good thing I have to pay for the score. I bet the Boston Celtics can score more points in 4 quarters versus my credit score...yikes! Good news though...I have 3 credit cards that are still open and have $13,000 to fuck with. Uh oh, here we go again...didn't I learn my lesson from the first time in 2005? When I cashed out $80K in equity to pay off credit cards?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That's okay...I'm going to Commerce Casino and will play $1000/$2000 no limit Hold 'Em...but before I do that I'm going to pop some bottles at a hot night club. And maybe hit up a strip joint...hahahaha! I need another cigarette. Good night/morning...

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