Monday, June 30, 2008

Love is...

So the drive to the Bay Area was a bitch; my parents and I lagged so we finally get to pick up my girlfriend at her hotel around 12:30am. I told her 10:30-11pm. That's why being the pimp I am I packed her a to-go box from my cousin's house with her favorite foods: fried fish, veggies, Dinuguan, and some white rice. She wasn't mad at all.

We get to the hotel room and the set up was a major cockblock. We get the sofa hideaway bed which faced my parents' bed. Yay! But being the freaks we are, I made sure my parents were in deep sleep (snoring was a good sign), slipped on a rubber and was hitting it sideways. Since I haven't nutted in 3 days, my parents were in the same room, and I was tired, I came like in 45 seconds. Sorry girlfriend, I get mine and you don't.

We wake up and get the free breakfast and meet with family. We then get ready to go out. San Ramon is dead so we go to Walnut Creek. Nice spot.

AND THEN...guess who I run into at the H&M store? The first girl I lost my virginity to when I was 21 years old! SMALL MOTHER FUCKING WORLD!

I spotted a short mestisa girl. I mean how can I forget her? She's really cute and she's a sex bunny. I called her, and she didn't recognize me at first...well no shit Sherlock, the sex was awful for her and it was my first time...of course she won't remember me! I reintroduce myself and she smiles and gives me a big hug. I blushed and cheesed at the same time. All the memories came back to me. I remember asking her questions so she could do all the talking while I recalled the hot sex we had at my apartment in Westwood. Then she finally caught my attention because she mentioned her and her boyfriend had a 3 year old son. Then I returned back to reality...

We went to Nordstrom (hella fine chicks at the makeup department, that's why I don't mind going there...) then went to get lunch at P.F. Changs. Then we went back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was at a country club. Very nice ceremony and reception. I was seated next to a mestisa 18 y.o. Shit if my girlfriend wasn't sitting next to me I was gonna hook it up! But I just engaged in small talk with her and her mom.

It was good seeing family and hot girls. My girl looked hot too, all dolled up. I never brought a date to a wedding before. Shit, when it rains it pours! It seems like all the ladies want to get to know you if you bring a date. At least I got a lot of attention.

We then stop by an uncle's mansion to bullshit. I wanted to go back and fuck. But we were stuck. Finally we go back to the hotel room and same thing: wait for the parents to fall asleep so we can do it. This rubber! And this time, I lasted a little longer...about a minute and 30 seconds longer. I honestly don't remember coming. I was tired and wanted to sleep more. I then promised her we'd do it again, for redemption purposes. So we slept in, my parents went to breakfast and we went to Bucktown. First we did it in bed. Then we did it on the bathroom sink (just in case my parents walked in). Then we got ready and left for lunch at my aunt's house in Crockett.

I like her alot. She loves me. Shit I'm going to break her heart. So she might break mine first. She has a poor track record. I can't help but use her past against her. But for now, she's the only piece I'm hitting raw. And since it's so far and few I still enjoy it.

Dad made me promise that I'd never marry her. Shit that was deep, only because old man NEVER asks for much. I reassured him that she was just a great girl to be with but she brings nothing to the table and I'll never fall in love with her.

I'll see her again in 2-3 weeks. But before then, gotta go to Barcelona and surrounding areas for a homeboy's wedding!

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