Thursday, April 3, 2008

My girl's period is late...

My financial hardships got a quick fix...Kaiser sent me a bonus check, the state and the feds sent me checks for my tax I can breathe...

BUT, my girlfriend who I have had a lot of sex with hasn't gotten her period. It's like 2-3 weeks late already. I wish she would have gotten on the pill already. I wish I didn't enjoy having unprotected sex so much. I wish the withdrawal method was 100% safe. Shit man, just babysitting my niece all week allowed me to realize that I'm not ready for a kid. I was chatting with her letting her know this, but she kept on saying how hot it was that I was babysitting. Fuck that! No kids, not right now.

I see her again on the 23rd. I can't let this slide until then.

I need to make an overseas call to make sure she's cool. She got into a bad car accident. Testing me too, asking "if she would have died, would I cry?" Look baby, I don't have time for this bullshit. This is a long distance relationship. When we are together, we are boyfriend-girlfriend. When we're apart, we gotta take care of ourselves and be independent. Dunno if this is gonna last...the sex is great but it's getting pretty complicated.

I'm taking a class @ UCLA. It seems really cool. Not to forget to mention that there are 3-4 hot girls in the class. I gotta be cool and know my shit. Because I need an "A" to graduate. And I want to get in their pants. All 3-4 girls.

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