Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's too nice of a day to have a head cold...

I just got back from Washington D.C. It was cold, we did a lot of walking and it was cold. The airplane is a breeding ground for viruses. I think I got one.

Not a bad place however. Am I more patriotic? Not at all. Only because I heard that we're down $60 billion with the Iraq war. Shit Bush, hook me up with $1 million and I'll wave a flag. So yeah, I'm a sellout.

I downed some Day Quil and some Taco Bell. What the hell is wrong with me???

Have a meeting with a T-Shirt design company. Let me see if he needs insurance. I have some great ideas for T-shirts. Maybe he can print some off for free. After all, summer is right around the corner. Perfect T-shirt and jeans weather. Fuck a $40 T-shirt. I'm gonna design my own for $5 bitches!!!

I lost my ass the other night at the homies' playing cards. Lost $80. Then I went to Commerce and lost $60. I've been playing like shit lately.

Got a check from a carrier...I may have to go back to Commerce to seek revenge...

Ok time is up. Got 8 minutes and I got to feed the meter and walk a couple of blocks to cafe. I so want a coffee but I'm going to sacrifice until Sunday morning. Shit man, if Jesus Christ can be in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, I think I can go 3 days without coffee...or can I?

My girl is coming on the 26th! Bucktown baby! Here we go again, unprotected sex and the risk of pregnancy. Why?

Happy Easter people!

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