Friday, June 27, 2008

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

Sorry I've been away for a while. Here's a recap of what has happened:

-I dropped out of my class @ UCLA.
-My girl never got pregnant (she had her period 2 weeks ago).
-I'm 30 years and 13 days old today.
-I have 100 members on my book of business to date.
-I have been on Adderrall for 6 days.

I bombed my quizzes and didn't go on the class field trip because my girlfriend was here. I was hollering at this half White, half Chinese girl who was really cute too. Also a central American girl too. Just never got into the class and never kept up with the reading. Looks like my projected graduation date is Fall 2008. Still in line with my New Year's resolution, nonetheless.


So my girl has been menstruating (whew!). We have been using condoms (for the first round) and spermicide capsules (sporadically thereafter). The withdrawal method is still being practiced. I guess I like playing Russian Roulette. I'm a fucking idiot a.k.a. an idiot who likes to fuck unprotected with my girl knowing that she won't get on the pill and won't have an abortion.


For my 30th, I got a cruise to Ensenada, a tie, cash, a bday dinner @ O bar, and a VIP table at Opera in Hollywood for my birthday...

I think I'm more immature than my girlfriend of 24.

She was over last weekend and saw a picture of me and a friend (who was a girl). When she asked me who it was, I lied and said it was my cousin. She knew I was lying and I hated how she was being so jealous (nothing ever happened between me and the girl, it's just a great pic because we had a VIP table at PURE in Vegas holding up a Grey Goose bottle; $49 at the grocery store, $399 + gratuity at the club.) So hell yeah I'm going to show off that picture! It's a great conversation piece...!

Well, didn't make for great conversation this time:

So she asked me and I lied she got really jealous and mad. I got really frustrated and started crying like a 5-year old kid wanting to go out and play even though it was cold and raining and his mom wouldn't let him...I just wanted her to be in a good mood so we can have sex. I forced tears and wiped it on her stomach saying, "Baby, I never cheated on you and never will...she's just a friend...I'll take it down and put our picture up..."

It was a Emmy performance! Well not really, maybe I did get misty-eyed because she was only here for 2 nights and 3 days and she was acting like this?!?!? Anyways the tears spilled and that all that matters! She hugged me and was shocked that I was "crying." Then we started making out and then hurried downstairs for some great sex. I should be an actor!

I still feel bad though, because she told me she knew I was lying and so I promised never to lie to her again...I'll have to pinky swear it when I see her next.


Business is finally picking up. I have developed a strategy to meet with more groups and gain more members (warm calling, prospecting, following-up and closing.) I have finally found the light at the end of tunnel and have to continue my grind so I can have 500 members by the end of the year.


So I'm doing a trial run on the amphetamine. Hope it works. But so far the side effects have been:

-Loss in appetite
-Excessive sweating

I want to get a novel and see if I can finish it. Maybe an Encyclopedia Britannica.

I consult with my doctor (my dad) today. Have to drive up to San Francisco to attend a wedding. It's all good...I see my girlfriend tonight she's flying in! Only thing is that we're sharing a room with my parents. My broke ass needs to save money (I'm going to Barcelona for a friend's wedding next week!!!) So we're probably going to have sex in the minivan (again)!

Sorry again for being away.

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