Tuesday, June 20, 2017


"Be flexible." That phrase is one I'll never forget Bro, Uncle M! (R.I.P.) Not only did I lose one of my favorite uncles but I also lost my house to an investor in a foreclosure. They did pay $11K for us to move out so 36 months of free living (I was on time with other bills) wasn't all that bad. It's time to make money and do big thangs. As I type this blog today I've consumed around 30mg of salts and took 3 hits of the vape hybrid flower. I did I tell you about my uncle's business? I was in the Philippines for 4 weeks. Brothels, work, meeting hospital staff, etc. 4 weeks straight. But I didn't want to deal with his wife so I let it go. Kinda clash in perspectives so I guess I bailed because I didn't think she was going to pay me enough. Sucks for my uncle but I think he understands (hopefully). At least I learned if I'm not making money I need to start saving money better. Sucks. I like spending tho!

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