Thursday, March 20, 2014

It's March Madness motherfuckers

Excuse my French. Just really excited about college basketball tournament, Spring weather, having the sunset at 7pm now not at 5:30, making more money... Only because I'm down $6K from gambling online; yes I'm a bullshitter been bullshittin' on online sportsbetting, slots, card games, live card games with real and live female dealers, etc. I need help. I have addictions. I'm addicted to gambling, drugs (i.e. amphetamine, cannabis, nicotine), alcohol (beer, whiskey, vodka), sex (jerking off more than having sex with a real woman), etc. I should keep gambling to a hobby it seems like it's becoming my full-time job. I need to stop being a slave to addiction... Unless I'm making millions and partying with supermodels...!!! I need to narrow down my addictions to: making money and hanging out with supermodels (in no particular order). OK gotta go sales and service needs to be supplemented by an additional source of income.

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