Friday, April 27, 2012

I re upped on the amphetamine salts

Dear World, My apologies but I've been away. It's been a roller coaster...I skipped out on paying my mortgage 9 months last year so I owed a whopping $31,000 with late fees and legal fees. I was able to "save" $10,000 and guess what I tried to do with it in Vegas?!?!? Let's just say Palazzo/Venetian send me postcards for free suites every month. Motherfuckingshit! I should have my name on a title for these goddamn suites. But that's the past. And luckily I have loving parents who bailed my sorry ass and fronted the $31,000 to get my house out of foreclosure. They thought I was on drugs. I told them "No, I just can't concentrate...I think I've hit a wall with my 2010 I killed it...why? Because of the amphetamine 2011 I lost it...why? Because I have ADD and I need help. So guess what they did??? Let's just say that it gets me going. And without it life sucks. I've lost inches on my waist. These size 30 Joe's jeans are so big I need to use the 4th hole (I used to could get away with the 2nd hole) in my belt so they don't sag to the ground. How's business? Not bad...closing a few small deals here and there. Need to get it going with the groups though. Q2 is underway and I'm almost done with my Rx. A colleague burned me "Think and Grow Rich" (how did he know that I hate reading?). It's very inspirational...and it makes perfect sense. What do I have lined up this year? -Developing a golf app with a good friend and another dude -Trying to grow my book of business -Writing more. I need to express all this shit in my head. It's therapeutic! Speaking of shit I gotta take one. Coffee, multivitamin, Acai berry green tea pill, and 15mg of amphetamine salts will do that to you..

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