Tuesday, September 20, 2011

4th Quarter here we go...

I need to come up big to end the year strong. I mean, I didn't do much this year so any progress is great progress!

Last week I left for Vegas on a whim and won $1500 at Blackjack! But my overhead included $60 hotel room, $80 for gas and just found out I blew out my alternator for a whopping $700! FUCK!!!

It was fun though. I went there for business only. Didn't drink, holla at any girls, just stayed focused on Blackjack. I had $6600 cash on me. WTF? At one time I was in for $3200. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? But at the end I got lucky and left +$1500. What a rush...

I'm thinking I should go back...but this time just bring $3200 and try to make $3000. We'll see...

Still need $6K by the end of the month...we'll see how I'll get it without asking the parents.

My phone just rang. I hate picking up my phone when random numbers call. It's either a debt collector or someone trying to hit me up for bullshit.

"Hello? Hello??? Listen I can't hear you...by the way...FUCK OFF! I don't have your money!!!"

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