Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm motivated to jerk off and do jack shit!

Maybe I should re-up on Aderral. WHY? Because CC fucking beat me at tennis last night at his complex 7-6 (7-5).

In the tiebreaker tied at 5-5 I fucking tried to do the same lame slice backhand and hit it in the net twice to lose the one and only set we played!

All good because we went back and I bet $310 to win $200 on the Clippers! CC's bookie better come through with my money tomorrow. I need that shit for Columbia! Not only that, I spent $100 to get my iPhone fixed (I tried to replace the back of my phone with a new black back cover but failed miserably and even broke the speaker) and spend $100 on Friday night and went clubbing with my sister and cousin. I spent hella money on drinks and a re-entry fee because my cousin didn't want to watch the show and wanted to get Popeye's and get dropped off at home! FUCK!

All good because I met this hot Russian chick named Dina. I called that tall blonde bitch last night but left a message. I hope to fuck her when I get back from Columbia...

So yeah just been bullshittin and not working. I guess I'm in vacation mode. Not only that I've been wasting my soldiers on porn. I need to stop watching porn, get my testosterone up, and man the fuck up...and fuck fuck fuck in Columbia next week!

My prediction for Superbowl 45...Pittsburg Steelers! I'm gonna put a hundee on 'em (if I get paid tomorrow)!

Peace out motherfuckers...

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