Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gloomy Hump Day...

...unless I can turn this shit around and make it Hump Night!

There was a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti last night. Thousands are expected to be dead with all the buildings collapsing shown on the news. Tina wanted to get dinner but I was playing tennis with Sarah.

I fucked up, because I took one half a tab in the morning, around 10am, then another half at 5pm. I wanted to play another hour with Sarah but she wanted to get coffee and talk. Shit! What a waste of a half of a tab!!!

I think Sarah wants to fuck me. I want to fuck her too, but I imagine this wouldn't be all good with her boyfriend Blake. I've never met the guy but I imagine a guy like the first round draft pick in the NBA who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers. Well, I think I should continue to play tennis with her, and one of these days she'll invite me back to her pad for some foreplay then some bucking. Until then, we need to improve so we can win at mixed doubles.

Tina wants to fuck me too but the timing isn't there. First she says that she wants to be friends. I said "Ok." But last Thursday I might have confused things by kissing her on the lips upon her arrival and her departure. We can be friends, we can be boyfriend/girlfriend, we can be enemies for all I care. Let's just fuck already bitch!!!

I couldn't sleep last night...maybe because my prospects were bullshitting yesterday, I played tennis, and worked out at the gym on the late night. Oh yeah, and maybe I wanted to fuck. And the 1/2 tab at 5pm didn't help. So I didn't crash out until I decided to rub one out at 1am (pretty late for me, because I like to get up around 7am.) Today I got out of bed at 9:30am.

It's gloomy outside. It rained from like 4am until about 8am. Where's the sun dammit? This is making me wanna take a whole tab! LOL!!!

Alrighty then. I gotta make it great day. I'm gonna start calling on some March renewing groups because I think the window for February groups is closed.

Thank you God for a great month!

And thank you Lord for the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture amphetamines, and our leaders who allow them to be taxed and therefore legal...

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