Thursday, February 28, 2008

Uncle Sam, you owe me $$$!!!

Today was a decent day. Didn't set any appointments, but I made some phone calls and got to speak to some decision makers. It was a nice, warm day. Real tired from last night. My cousin and I went to Opera, a club in Hollywood. Nice venue. I promised the promoter I would start promoting for him, so we can get in without having to waiting in line. We did. Dude says he's a quarter Pinoy. I guess I believe him. Nice guy, he hooked me up w/ 3 drink tickets. I dropped off my cousin home, did a monster bump of coke went back in the club and I talked to 4 different girls. I'll definitely come back. I love going out mid-week. Then I had the itch to go to the casino and play Blackjack. So in the parking lot I did a monster line, walked in Commerce drunk and high and I won $105 in like 20 minutes...then I left because my goal was to win between $80 and $200. I could have walked away with $110 but being the big tipper I am I tipped my dealer and the cashier attendant. Plus, didn't want to stay too long because I promised my girl that I was going to chat with her at 3am. So I went home, brushed my teeth, and got into bed with my laptop. We started chatting about each other's day, then we started chatting dirty. Before I knew it, we were having cybersex (no webcam unfortunately). We were messaging each other while playing with ourselves. She says it was her first time. It was mine too, if you don't count looking at internet porn and wacking off. We're freaks, I know. Can't wait to see her on Saturday night in San Francisco for some freakish hot sex...

I'm so tired. I came to Thousand Oaks to get my W-2 statement and see my folks, but I don't want to see my parents. I look like shit, and I'm broke. I have nothing but bad news. Well at least the Feds are gonna cut me a $10,000 check for my income tax return. Hope I don't get audited...that reminds me the State owes me unemployment! I have a hearing next week. I'm going to put on a performance, and cry like a bitch in front of the judge to get my $1400 a month. Motherfuckers. Shit it's my Social Security money. Not theirs. And I won't need it when I'm 60 with gray pubic hairs. I need it NOW!

Oh yeah, and fuck the old man with the multi level marketing scheme. It's $50 a month. Fucking asshole is trying to close me. Trying to say "how intelligent of a young man I am but how foolish I am for letting this opportunity to be very rich go by." Yeah old man? Then YOU pay for my $50 a month you old fuck!

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