Thursday, February 28, 2008

Expect the unexpected

I'm at the office, up in the loft. What did I do today? Cashed a check, wrote out checks, went to post office to drop off last check for my telemarketer, tried to go to the gym but they're doing construction on Cahuenga (filling in potholes so I couldn't make a left turn into my gym). So I decided to come back to the office for my noon telephone meeting. What the fuck old man, I'm supposed to close you on buying insurance. Instead, he's trying to close me on joining him on his e-commerce business. It's a damn good pyramid scheme though, so I may have to do it.

I wanna film myself bullshitting. I think it'd make for great TV. Or film. I want some talent to cruise over. I'm gonna call one up right now, and sell her a dream. Hopefully, she buys it, gets naked and gives me a blowjob. I'm a sick prick, sorry about that.

Yeyhey! Found out my girl got her period two days ago!!! I'm a free man!!!

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