Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'd love to cupcake this bitch...

...but she lives all the way in fuckin New York. I met her back in April when she was visiting and have been texting her almost every day since. Thank you AT&T for unlimited texts. But fuck you for charging me $150 every goddammn month for the piece of shit iPhone. I'm switching to Sprint and getting the Blackberry so I can Blackberry Messenger my bitch. Not only that, I need a business phone, not a fuckin iPod Touch with a wannabe phone function.

She's cute huh? Big ol titties. And she's only like 5'4". Awesome. She ain't fat. She's just thick in the right places. It's starting to get chilly at night so she'd be great to spoon with...she's a vegeterian, and she has yet to try my cucumber...

So I called 3 of the 5 numbers I got from the party last week. Only because when I got their numbers, I didn't input their names. So I had to figure out who was who. I called the ugly one because her friend is hot, thank got she was busy so I only had to talk to her for like 5 minutes. I called another chick who I didn't know her name but she didn't pick up...but I was excited because maybe she had her name on her voicemail. Nope. Dammit. The porn star looking one I called and we talked for a little bit. She sounds ghetto on the phone. But that's okay though mang. My dick is an equal opportunity employer.

Okay, enough bullshittin'...gotta grind. Got bills that are stacking while the chips are diminishing...peace out muthafuckers!

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